A great day at the NAC Hal Rosoff Classic!

Congrats to NAC and the Jr. Outrigger Team for putting on a very successful day of racing at the Hal Rosoff Classic.

This race is a little different, because it is a total family affair. NAC wouldn’t be around without people like Hal, so they dedicated the race to him, in which his whole family gets involved each year. The long course goes first, and they fly right by NAC a few minutes after the start. The kid’s race happened right out front, so all of us on the beach could watch, which was pretty exciting and fun. Next was the short course, which goes into the back bay and finishes right out front. They make the Hal Rosoff Classic perfect for all the spectators.

We had a great day hanging out on the beach with a front row view of all the action. We got a few people out on the water to demo the Ehukai and our paddles, and it was great to meet some new faces. At the end of the day, after the awards wrapped up, Johnny gave us a little technique talk/Q&A. I think he was expecting a small group, but once he started talking the group got to be a pretty decent size. We would like to thank each and every one of you for coming out and supporting Puakea Designs on Saturday. It was a special treat to get a discussion going with the group, and we hope you all walked away with some good value.

You may have seen one of our resident photographers, RJ De Rama, floating around during the chat. Here are a few of his photos from the day.

puakeademoday020715_DSC_7125 puakeademoday020715_DSC_7164 puakeademoday020715_DSC_7168puakeademoday020715_DSC_7137 puakeademoday020715_DSC_7176