Carolina Cup 2015

Coming off a great few weeks over on the east coast, Johnny takes a second to recap his week at Carolina Cup. Fun, sun and lots of time on the Ehukai.
The week started off with some great clinics! Here are a few shots from Distressed Mullet. Many thanks to Annabel Anderson for partnering up with us on these clinics. And thank you to all those who came out to play and learn something new. Great job!

IMG_1295 IMG_1296

IMG_1297 IMG_1298

Johnny pictured above on the Ehukai out for a spin during a clinic.  With a large number of people entered in all the events, there was a wide range of levels, who were all there to challenge themselves. Really impressive!

Video Recap – Lahui Kai

– Board and Puakea Paddle testing

– Race starts and finishes

Carolina Cup 2015 – Lahui Kai Paddle Boards from SUP ATX on Vimeo.


Video Recap – Rouge

– Overall view of the races, starts and finishes


And last, but not least a huge congratulations to Annabel Anderson on her big win!

Lahui Kai – Annabel Anderson, Team Racer, 2015 Carolina Cup Champion

Lahui Kai Team Racer, Annabel Anderson – 2015 Carolina Cup Champion from SUP ATX on Vimeo.