Ehukai Available in SoCal, NorCal and Hawaii

Hey Puakea Designs Ohana, we have Ehukai OC1s available! If you are looking for a brand new boat with now wait time. Jump on these while they are still available. If you are looking for custom colors get your orders in now for Fall deliveries!

Hawaii6 Ehukai available

Contact: Jimmy Austin (808) 330-2545

– All Blue, White Seams

– All White, No Seams

– All White, Grey Seams

– All Green, Black Seams

– All Grey

– Black and Red

hawaii-ehukai-1 hawaii-ehukai-2

Northern California – 2 Ehukai available

Contact: Charlie Banfield (707) 330-4462

– Metal Red and Metal Blue (EH 5)

– Green and White

norcal-ehukai-1 norcal-ehukai-2 norcal-ehukai-3

Southern California1 Ehukai available

Maddie Spoto (949) 929-9262

– Dark Metal and White (EH 13)