Introducing the Kahe Kai

You may have seen it out on the Kaiwi Channel for the Molokai Solo a few weekends ago. The first two canoes from Johnny Puakea’s newest design, the Kahe Kai, arrived in Hawaii days before the race. The guys liked it so much, they decided to race it for the channel. Changing right before race day isn’t something they usually like to do, so we took this as a good sign.

Take a look at her in action during the channel crossing:

Thank you Hayden Ramler for all the great video footage and photography!

Here are some of the details:

  • Price: $4,300 + tax.
  • Weight: As low as 16lbs. (pro model)
  • Length: Approx. 21 feet
  • For paddlers from 140-250+ lbs.
  • For men or stronger women
  • 10lbs. more displacement than the Ehukai
  • Wider, with less rocker than the Ehukai

Design details:

  • The Kahe Kai is 1/4 inch wider with volume moved further forward.
  • To help keep the Kahe Kai dryer while surfing we made the bow 3/4 inch taller, the cockpit railers taller and the footwell cover.
  • The seat placement has not changed, but we did make it 1/4 inch wider and 1/4 inch lower.
  • The rudder was moved up 3 inches and the footwells are narrower and deeper than the Ehukai.

Jimmy Austin and Daniel Chun racing the Kahe Kai during the Molokai Solo. Photo Credit: Hayden Ramler.

Where to get it:

Hawaii and California – get in touch with us by filling out the form below!

*Hawaii – shipments arriving in June and August

*California – demos arriving in July and stock arriving in August

East coast, Canada and worldwide distribution –

This is a great interview with Johnny Puakea from Stand Up Paddle Surf discussing the history behind Johnny’s designs and further details on the latest Kahe Kai design.

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