Pa’a Hawaii Molokai Solo 2017

With such awesome conditions out there in the Ka’iwi Channel and the competition that stepped up this past weekend, the 2017 Molokai Solo was one to remember.

Congrats to Pat Dolan on breaking the course record and to our very own Lauren Spalding (pictured below) on winning her 12th Solo!

Daniel Chun (pictured top, PC: Hayden Ramler) bringing it in with a top 5 finish, followed by Jimmy Austin and Danny Ching in the top 10. Leah Ching coming in 8th in the women’s race and Ryland Hart coming in 2nd in the Jr. division.

The whole crew was out to support with Johnny and Kaihe coaching and Hayden behind the camera on the media boat. It was a super fun race to watch and listen to on the live feed. Thanks to all those cheering us on in the comments.

Shout out to Puakea Ohana, Paolo Ameglio, who came out from Florida for his first Molokai Solo this year! Great to have you out for the race buddy. Hunter Pflueger also competed in his first Molokai Solo this past weekend, be on the look out for this kid!

You may have heard that this was Jimmy Austin’s last solo and that is true…we have throughly enjoyed watching and being apart of his solo career. He is not going anywhere, but it is safe to say he has had one epic solo ride! Looking forward to seeing what this guys does next.

Here is a great video from Hayden Ramler to recap a great day of surfing.