Puakea Designs heads to New York

Puakea Designs is headed to the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge this week to compete and sponsor the race!

Puakea Designs is proud to be a Iliahi Sponsor of the 2015 Liberty Challenge!

We will have a booth in the Vendors Village on Saturday, June 20th during the festival where we will have be hosting a discussion with Johnny Puakea.


Train Smarter, Not Harder: A Personalized Discussion with Johnny Puakea

Are you interested in the latest paddling techniques? Looking to improve your time in your Ehukai or Puakea Unlimited? Do you have questions about your stroke? Do you want to learn more about how to train smarter, not harder? Come talk story, discuss the latest paddling techniques and meet with Johnny Puakea of Puakea Designs!

Johnny Puakea is the founder of Puakea Designs, an innovative paddlesport design company that delivers products and services to elite-level as well as recreational paddlers. He is an internationally sought after canoe builder as well as a championship – winning paddling coach, whose career as a canoeing innovator and promoter has evolved with the expanding paddling sports market.

Puakea Designs will be hosting the discussion with Johnny at the Puakea Designs booth in the Vendor’s Village at the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge, on June 20th from 2:45pm-3:45pm, shortly after the mixed race start. This informal discussion is open to all paddlers to further their knowledge in the sport of paddling.


We also have a Puakea Unlimited boat coming to New York!

While enjoying some major wins this season in the So Cal Iron season, the Newport Aquatic Center Men’s Outrigger team (sponsored by Puakea Designs) has been putting in the hours to head to the Liberty Challenge. They have been working with Johnny for the past year and a half and are excited to race the Puakea Unlimited for the first time on the Hudson river.


If you are on the East Coast and are interested in buying the Unlimited boat, it is for sale. Contact Puakea Desings at puakeadesigns@gmail.com or call us at (949) 464-8087.

Stay tuned via Puakea Designs Facebook and IG to follow along with our trip to NYC this weekend!