train smarter, not harder clinics

oc1 and oc6 group clinics

Looking to improve your technique? Or improve your performance in your Puakea OC-1 or Unlimited canoe? Want to learn to train smarter, not harder?

Puakea clinics are a combination of dry-land and on-water work that will cover the key bio-mechanics to set you up for successful and injury free paddling, including a detailed analysis and correction of all aspects of your stroke. All aspects of your stroke.

Coaches Corner

Head Coach
John Puakea – Hawaii, National and International 

Accredited Coaches
Jimi Spoto - West Coast/Cali

Dave Krueger - West Coast/Cali

Maika Scott - West Coast/Cali

Chris Sowden - East Coast/NC

Paolo Ameglio - East Coast/FL

Leanne Stanley - Canada