Train Smarter, Not Harder Clinics

OC1 and OC6 Group Clinics

Looking to improve your technique? Or improve your performance in your OC-1 or Unlimited canoe? Want to learn to train smarter, not harder?

Puakea coaching is a combination of dry-land and on-water work that will cover the key bio-mechanics to set you up for successful and injury free paddling, including a detailed analysis and correction of all aspects of your stroke.

What is included in each clinic:

  • Stroke Mechanics: New facts vs. old theories
  • Teamwork and the importance of synergy in the canoe, how to think and have both
  • Training methods and styles for long-term goals
  • How to make the best of your equipment
  • Basic nutrition and exercises to improve performance

Cost (Updated for Winter 2018):

  • Clinic with Johnny Puakea (limited availability): $95 per person
  • Clinic with a Puakea Accredited Coach: $65 per person

On land and on water coaching. You choose the focus: Team OC6 training or group OC1 training.

Each clinic should be around 4 hours depending on number of people. 12-18 people makes for a great OC6 clinic. 8-12 people makes for a great OC1 clinic. Anything above these numbers will result in longer clinic time and less time/attention spent with each paddler.

  • We will begin on land with a general overview and base for the techniques, key fundamentals and training methods.
  • With detailed video analysis following the on water session, you will receive an individual stroke prescription for you to take home and work on.
  • Access to a launch, chase boat, dock or open beach is necessary to get video of each canoe/paddler and to offer some general on water coaching.
  • An area to review video after the on water session with each paddler is preferable. We work with what each club has to offer. Whether it is a small tent with a table and chairs on the beach, a clubhouse or a local cafe in your marina, we make it work!
  • If you are hosting a Puakea clinic, it is beneficial to have canoes ready to paddle before clinic start time as to not take time away from paddlers during clinic. I would also be very beneficial to collect payment before hand (if possible) as this can take away valuable time at the start of the clinic.
  • Remind participating paddlers to bring a towel, sunscreen, hat, snacks, water and a change of clothes for after the on water session. Be ready to paddle! 


Private Lessons

Johnny Puakea – 808-499-8195
$120 for one hour

Dave Krueger – 714-381-4016
$60 for one hour

Jimi Spoto – 949-633-9496
$60 for one hour

North Carolina
Chris Sowden – 910-679-4473
(via Carolina Paddleboard Co.)
$50 for one hour

Paolo Ameglio -
$90 for an hour and half

Coaches Corner

Head Coach
Johnny Puakea – Hawaii, National and International 

Accredited Coaches
Dave Krueger – West Coast/CA
Jimi Spoto – West Coast/CA
Maika Scott – West Coast/CA
Chris Sowden – East Coast/NC
Paolo Ameglio – East Coast/FL