Team Riders


 Jimmy Austin


Oahu, Hawaii

Growing up at Outrigger Canoe Club, Jimmy was immersed into all things water at a very young age by his father. Starting with canoe surfing and prone paddle boarding around 15 years old, he soon picked up flat water kayaking, where he met Johnny Puakea, with HCKT. He loved kayaking, but it was not out in the open ocean, so he moved to ocean kayaking. After losing his job in 2009,Jimmy went all in training OC1 paddling with the mentorship of Johnny Puakea. In 2012, Jimmy achieved his goal of winning Molokai to Oahu, setting the course record. Now, Jimmy is enjoying being a dad, paddling in the 6mans and concentrating on where the sport of outrigger can go from here.


Danny Ching

Southern California

At 30 years of age Danny Ching solidified himself as the premier paddle sports athlete in Southern California, and is recognized worldwide as a skilled waterman. By 15 he was racing with Lanakila’s top men’s outrigger team, leading them to top finishes locally and in Hawaii. At 16, he took up Olympic flat water kayaking winning multiple national titles and setting himself up for a path on to the Olympics. His kayaking carrier culminated in 2007 when he raced on the USA National team at the Pan-American Games in Rio Brazil. At 18, Danny entered his first distance OC1 race and in less than a year he had climbed to the top of local competition, capping off his run to the top by winning the Outrigger World Championship in 2010 and 2013. Danny’s stand up (SUP) career started in 2009 with a 1st place in the Hennessey’s Championships. He then backed that up with a 3rd place in his second race (the Battle of the paddle California 2009). In 2010, Danny founded 404 Sup Boards and launched his new company by winning both Battle of the Paddle races in Hawaii and California and going undefeated for the year in SUP competition. Since then, Danny has also founded Hippo Stick Paddles and recorded multiple SUP victories, his most memorable coming at the prestigious Battle of the Paddle California and Hawaii, including 3 BOP Elite victories, 6 BOP distance victories, 7 Overall BOPs.


       Lauren Spalding

Maui, Hawaii
Instagram: @ls_original

This Maui native competed in the 2004 Summer Games in flatwater kayaking, and won first place in the 2016 OluKai Ho'olaule'a race. She won the prestigious Molokai-Oahu solo outrigger canoe race a remarkable 11 times. Lauren has been at home in an outrigger canoe on open water since age three, when her dad started taking her out on the long paddling and sailing adventures. Now Lauren sets a strong example for her own children as a waterwoman. She says, “It’s a lifestyle. I do many ocean sports – paddling, surfing, diving, swimming and just taking the kids to the beach!”


Daniel chun


Big Island, Hawaii
Instagram: @d__chun

As a Kona native, Daniel is also a part of Red Bull Wa’a. He’s been spear fishing since he was 10 years old and also practiced the martial art of jiu-jitsu for many years. But once he was introduced to outrigger paddling, there was no turning back. Daniel loves being out there in the ocean and the elements. He says, “It’s always different out there, with the swells, the wind, the currents. You never know what you’re going to see.” When he is not paddling he is father to two children and serves as a beach captain.


Kaihe Chong

Oahu, Hawaii
Instagram: @kaichong08

Growing up in Hawaii Kai, Oahu and Kaihe started outrigger paddling when he was 8 at Hui Nalu, the local canoe club down the road. At 13, he joined the Hawaii Canoe and Kayak team and made it onto the Junior National Team, for Olympic flat water kayaking at 15, the same year he crossed the Molokai Channel on a Surfski. When he was 19 he really started to take up OC1, and his paddling career slowly started to build from there. The Maui to Molokai was the first major race that he won. That was in 2012 at 22 years old and he has been coming in top 4 every year since. That same year he came in 2nd in the Olukai, also placing in the top 4 every year. He has consistently placed in the top 10 for the past 4 years in the OC1 World Championships, but still haven’t managed to crack the top 5. Most recently he won the Kanaka Ikaika Molokai challenge, as well as, the M2O Standup Championship with teammate Danny Ching.



Leah ChinG

Southern California
Instagram: @beebeching

Leah grew up in a pool, racing since she was 5. She fell in love with paddling and has been with Lanakila in Redondo Beach since 2009. Since then she has competed in many channel crossing races including several Molokai solos placing top 10 and first in her age group, Molo relay, Na Wahine, Pa'a 'Eono, Pailolo, and Maui to Molokai. She loves competing in local SoCal races, ranking first in the state champs in 2014 & 2015. 2016 she took the year off to have a baby. Now back in the swing of things, she is balancing her life as a mom, registered nurse, and a training schedule to get ready for the Molo Solo again in May 2018. 



Maika scott


Southern California

Coming from a long line of paddlers in his family, Maika grew up paddling in Hawaii Kai, racing with the Hui Nalu 12&U grom squad. He went on to paddle prone and race in sailing canoes. He has competed in races like the Molokai Solo, Molokai Relay and most recently the Te Aito. His favorite event so far is racing Hawaiki Nui Va’a with his current team, Newport Aquatic Center (NAC). When Maika is not on the water, you will most likely find him in the shop at NAC repairing all kinds of watercraft. He has been a huge contributor in the Puakea hybrid paddle manufacturing. The things he loves most about the paddling lifestyle are the traveling and the culture. 


Harrison Deisroth

Oahu, Hawaii
Instagram: @harrisondeisroth

Harrison has been paddling since 2013 and is currently training with Wrightsville Beach Outrigger Canoe Club and Hui Nalu Canoe Club. He competed and won the 2015 Monterey Bay Crossing and 2016 Chattajack 31 race, not only in the Junior OC1 division, but also overall in the OC division! During his time in Hawaii in 2016, Harrison raced in the Pa’a Molokai Solo, placing 2nd junior OC1 and in the Molokai Hoe with Hui Nalu, placing 1st in the junior division and 19th place overall. In 2017, Harrison is training to set a new OC1 record at Chattajack 31 race and plans to get more time in the Kaiwi Channel. Placing in a Kaiwi race, whether it is on a SUP or in an OC, is something he is also looking to accomplish in the upcoming years. Harrison is really proud to be a part of helping the East Coast outrigger community grow and progress. His favorite thing about the paddling lifestyle would have to be the people that you meet within the community.


Ryland Hart

Southern California
Instagram: @rylandhart

Ryland has been paddling since the age of 5, starting at the Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club in Redondo Beach, CA. The biggest race he has done to date is the 2016 Molokai Solo, he placed 1st junior men and 16th over-all. One of his favorite races is the WaterWalker Gorge OC-6 downwind race because he gets to share waves with five of his buddies and go as fast as possible in a canoe. The paddling lifestyle brings a sort of family to everyday life, for Ryland, it is all about making connections with people you otherwise would never even have met. His goals for the coming years are to continue to grow his water knowledge and in to break the top 10 in the Molokai Solo.




Instagram: @seychellesup

Seychelle has been paddling for 3 years and currently rides for team SIC Maui for SUP and Puakea Designs for OC. She is also a yoga instructor and sup yoga instructor in Florida. Seychelle holds the Guinness World Record for longest distance in 24 hours on a Standup. She earned the "fastest paddler on earth” title in Germany in 2016 and has won the 11 City Tour in Holland twice. What she loves most about the paddling community is the aloha spirit. Seychelle is super competitive and loves to race, but also loves all the other aspects of the sport of paddling. "You can do it to race, you can do it to surf, to downwind, for touring, for fitness, and just for fun!” In the years ahead, Seychelle wold like to keep improving as a paddler and an athlete, while continuing to bring more people out on the water and into this sport.


Tuarongo Cowan

Oahu, Hawaii and Tahiti
Intagram: @tua_cowan

Born and raised in Papeete,Tahiti, Tuarongo began paddling at the age of seven and began competing at age seventeen. So far, he has paddled forTeam OPT juniors/seniors, Shell Va'a juniors/seniors, Redbull Wa'a seniors and is currently paddling for Enviropol of Tahiti and Hui Nalu of Hawaii. Through out the years, he has competed in the Hawaiki Nui Va'a, Tahiti Nui Va'a, Faati Moorea,Molokai Hoe, Te Aito, Super Aito, and the Polynesie Première. Of all the races Tuarongo has paddled in so far, the Hawaiki Nui Va'a race is his favorite, as it is the most beautiful and prestigious. In the years to come, he hopes to place top 3 in the World Sprints in Tahiti, as well as continue to improve his coaching for Hawaiian paddlers while honoring my father’s legacy. 



Hunter Pflueger 

Oahu, Hawaii
Instagram: @p_floogs

At the age of 11 Hunter Pflueger began 6 man canoe paddling and in 2014 he was introduced to the sport of OC-1. That same year at age 15 he competed in the PA'A Molokai relay with fellow junior paddler and friend Ethan Siegfried. They won the junior division in there Ehu Kai OC-1. Now competing for the Ka Lahui Kai waterman program under Hui Nalu, Hunter has been apart of the winning crew in the 2015 and 2016 Molokai Hoe junior division, placing 22nd overall in 2015 then cracking top 20 in 2016. The 2016 victory qualified his team and him for the 2017 IVF Distance World Championships where they represented Hawaii's male juniors and placed 2nd in the World! Earlier that year Hunter also competed in his first OC-1 Molokai solo and Te Aito (though he first began crossing the molokai channel at age 13 on a prone paddle board) and is looking forward to many more years of competing in those events. 




Lake Tahoe, California
Instagram: @jaywild_tahoe

As paddler and co-owner of Waterman’s Landing on Lake Tahoe, CA and Co-Funder of Lake Tahoe Waterman Association, Jay has always believed that, “balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” Jay uses his own, hard-won experience to help others discover what it means to live like an athlete. “I have learned everything through trial and error, experiences and mentors.”

Since Jay has picked up a paddle, he has qualified to compete with some of the top men’s outrigger canoe crews in California helping clubs win numerous races. 2nd in the US Champs, Jay represented the USA at the stand up paddle World Championships (bringing home individual and team medals), dominated Northern California paddle events and pushed his boundaries as a paddler and water athlete by placing 3rd overall in the prestigious and rigorous Ironmana race in Bora Bora.

These days, Jay religiously holds true to the lifestyle he dreamt of and made a reality. Now added to that dream is the ever-changing role of being a father and husband. But truth be known, while Jay does his best to break up training routines and surf the challenges of  life, he finds constant sanctuary on the waters of Lake Tahoe. “Paddling is where I feel most alive,” he says. “Working my body with nature is freedom.”



Instagram: @type1kanu

Growing up on Georgian Bay in Canada, Leanne has always loved the water. Though not introduced to paddling until 1998, the water has always had a calming yet invigorating influence on her. Over the past 20 years, she has won numerous National titles in marathon canoe and outrigger as well as several World Dragon Boat and Outrigger Sprint Championships, along with a win at Queen Lili, a 4th at Na Wahine O Ke Kai, and 4th at the 2017 inaugural World Va'a Distance Championships with Team Canada and 4th in the V1.

Leanne is happiest when sharing her passion for paddling with others. With all the travelling, coaching and racing that Leanne has done, her favourite paddling experience has been helping with the development of the Kelowna Paddle Centre. The unique combination of outrigger, surfski and SUP programing, paddling excellence, social events and ohana has put Kelowna on the radar of many of the world’s paddling elite. 

One thing Leanne never leaves home without is her insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (mostly because they are attached to her). As an athlete with Type 1 Diabetes, Leanne demonstrates that with careful planning and listening to your body, people with Type 1 can compete with the best in the world. 

With her KPC teammates pushing her in every workout, Leanne currently has her sights set on the next World Sprints, a top 10 placing at Te Aito and her first Molokai Solo.




Instagram: @shonsiemonek

Learning his trade on the rugby fields of New Zealand, Shon played rugby for 25 consecutive years before being introduced to outrigger paddling at age 30.

Now living in Australia, one of Shon's proudest moments in Waka Ama came off the water in 2017 performing the Haka for New Zealand at the World Long Distance Championships in Tahiti. "Paddling for NZ gave me connection to my heritage and Mana for my paddling. It was a feeling you could only earn."

Over the last 5 years, Shon has been a 2x Australian Champion, represented New Zealand in Tahiti and paddled for Hui Nalu placing 4th in the 2017 Molokai Hoe. Shon hopes to compete in the PA'A World Solo Championship in 2018. "If there is one race that can crush all expectation or make a paddler it's that one. I'm ready to roll the dice."



Matt Nottage



Instagram: @matt_nottage

Matt is from the Sunshine Coast and has been paddling for 6-7 years on outrigger and stand up, swapping between the two over the years. He has paddled with Team Pacifica for the last 3 years, with fellow team rider Shon Siemonek. As a team, they have been lucky enough to win the last 3 national titles and have placed 2nd two times in the Sydney Harbour Challenge. Matt's favourite race so far is the Molokai Solo OC1 Championship race, where he placed 18th in 2018. Matt is looking forward to learning and improving each year. The big draw to the sport of paddle for him has to be the ocean when the the wind is up!